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Home strength equipment recommendation

2023-01-12 18:06:05

1. Indoor Horizontal Bar
This equipment can be clipped to some places such as the door frame,(adjustable barbell set supplier china) a very convenient horizontal bar. Variations of pull-ups or pull-ups can be done, as well as hanging leg raises.


2. The power belt is a must
Because it can reduce the strength of the forearm for daily use of deadlifts and save the energy of the forearms at night (funny), so why not forehand and backhand for deadlifts? Long-term positive and negative deadlifts will cause the imbalance of the erector spinae on both sides, so it is recommended to use a booster belt for double forehand deadlifts. You can usually do some grip strength training alone, and then adapt to the forehand and backhand three months before the competition. There are many types of external power belts, such as bar type, hook type, palm type, figure-eight type, wrist type, etc., but the most commonly used ones in powerlifting are bar type and figure-eight type.



3. Weight belt
This equipment can be loaded when doing pull-ups and variations, or dips and variations.
There is also a yoga mat, (Sand bags Weight lifting sandbag manufacturer china)which is a nice tool.


Even if you don't use it, you can squat and pull a lot of weight. If you don't use it, you won't increase the risk of injury. If someone wants to sell you a belt and tells you that you bought it and immediately boosted 20KG, then I can only say that the old eunuch is on There must be a conspiracy in the brothel! But the belt can indeed increase the abdominal pressure, which can make you feel more secure when lifting heavy weights, more secure than Durex! And more importantly, the belt is also the equipment that every powerlifter is most proud of, and of course it is also the most expensive among powerlifting equipment! The most important thing is the difference of buckles. Generally speaking, double-breasted buckles and single-breasted buckles are the most stable, lever buckles are the most convenient and fast, and gear buckles are more accurate. Of course, gear buckles are not allowed for belt buckles in competitions.


5.squat shoes
In fact, both in theory and in practice, the thinner the shoes you wear for deadlifts, the better. This can minimize the work distance. For every 1CM of work you reduce, your deadlift start will be easier by 1 point. You must wear shoes in competitions. So everyone will choose thinner shoes, not only thinner, but also stable and with high friction, otherwise sumo wrestlers will suffer.