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How to lose weight through exercise?

2022-12-27 16:44:18

Low-volume, high-intensity exercise is suitable for friends with strong willpower, good physical fitness, and little free time; social exercise is suitable for friends with relatively weak self-control, easily disturbed in doing things, and many social activities. The former will teach you how to exercise and use the least time to achieve the maximum effect, (Ab mat Smooth lumbar spine wholesales china)while the latter will teach you how to increase the fun of exercise, so that it is easier to develop the habit of long-term exercise. If you can combine these two kinds of sports with subsidiary sports, the weight loss effect will be even better.


Here I need to emphasize that the methods we introduce also follow the principle of relative satisfaction, that is, the easiest to use and easy to continue, (Bulgarian Bag supplier china)rather than the optimal principle. Many exercises sound good, but in fact it is difficult to do, and it is useless to say.

When it comes to exercising to lose weight, everyone must immediately think of more "tiring" items, such as running, swimming and so on. These exercises are generally of medium to high intensity and have a large amount of activity in a single session. One of the misunderstandings we often have is that we think that every exercise, the more exercise, the better. But after high-volume, high-intensity activities, we are generally very tired, may be sore all over the body, and will not exercise for the next few days. Or you will be very hungry, your appetite will increase greatly, and eating a big meal will not pay off, and you will fall into a vicious circle of yo-yo weight loss.

Here I will introduce a new way of exercise, low volume and high intensity. Low volume refers to a relatively low amount of single-time activity, while high-intensity refers to a relatively high-intensity exercise. One of the most important principles is that in a short period of time, such as a few minutes at a time, we should do our best to exercise. The faster the heartbeat and the greater the panting, the better, so that the cardiopulmonary function can be used to the maximum. degree.