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‘Wonder Woman’ Fitness: How To Have A Body Like Gal Gadot’s

  • Auteur:Greggy H. Romualdez
  • Source:Business Mirror
  • Relâchez le:2017-06-26

  The common narrative from those who have seen the latest Wonder Woman movie, starring Gal Gadot, has been how stunningly gorgeous she is.

  Men and women alike are profuse with admiration. But did she wake up one day all chiseled up to fit perfectly into that iconic crime-fighting costume? This piece is for female readers who desire having a toned physique , while secretly harboring crime-fighting aspirations.

  While genetics play an important role in how our fitness barbell bar programs deliver results, even Gadot—who, to begin with, had a long and lean physique—needed to sweat it out in the gym for at least an hour daily, undergoing an intensive six-month training program that included regular high-intensity full-body workout that helped transform her waifish super-model frame to that of a strong and sexy Amazon princess.

  Muscle and Fitness magazine features one of Gadot’s workout routines as shared by celebrity trainer Mark Twight. Take note that it took months before the Israeli star managed to perform the following workout, which consists of the following eight exercises performed in succession with one to two-minute rest in between, as indicated:

  Exercise 1 —Rowing machine for five minutes at an easy pace, followed by a one-to-two-minute rest.

  Exercise 2 —Rowing machine for five minutes alternating between a 10-second sprint and 50 second easy pace, then rest for one to two minutes.

  Exercise 3 —Perform a bear crawl (walking on all fours similar to a bear) for 30 meters then walk back 30 meters. Rest for one minute.

   Exercise 4 —Do Burpees with broad jump for 30 meters then walk back 30 meters. Rest for one minute.

   Exercise 5 —Do a crabwalk (walking on all fours but with the front of your body facing the ceiling) for 30 meters, then walk back 30 meters. Rest for one minute.

   Exercise 6 —Do another set of burpees with broad jump for 30 meters then walk back 30 meters. Rest for one minute.

   Exercise 7 —Do pull ups, 3 repetitions of seven sets (total of 21 pull-ups). Rest for one minute.

Exercise 8 —Do ring push-ups ( push-ups performed on gymnastics rings ) three repetitions of five sets (total of 15 ring push-ups).

  As for her diet, Gadot shares that while preparing for the role, meals were focused on green veggies and protein. She also made sure to consume a gallon of water a day. Furthermore, the self-confessed foodie also made balanced food choices adhering to the principle of viewing food as your fuel.

  Having a body of super-hero proportions should always be seen as an attainable end. With enough hard work, focus and dedication, anything is possible. Go ahead, be super.