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WWE News: Seth Rollins Responds To John Cena's CF Video

Harry Kettle Sportskeeda 2017-04-26 16:05:10

What's the story?

  As seen on Twitter, former WWE Champion Seth Rollins has responded to a CF video posted by John Cena. The former Doctor of Thuganomics seems to be keeping himself in top shape during his time off from the squared circle.

In case you didn't know...

  Rollins and Cena have been training in CF for a long time now, being two of the most recognisable athletes who utilise the training strategy.

  They've regularly posted pictures of themselves going into CF gyms all around the world, with the connection between both men going all the way back to when Seth used to train in John's gym during his developmental days.

The heart of the matter

  The tweet shows the friendly relationship that Rollins and Cena have, with the two clearly possessing a mutual admiration and respect for one another. That's hardly surprising when you consider how long they've been in the company together for now, with Cena also popping up on Seth's WWE 24 special which focused on his return from a knee injury.

  With the two men being on opposite brands it's unlikely that we'll see any kind of interaction between them on WWE television in the next few months, especially considering how many times they faced each other during their initial feud. With that being said, it would probably be relatively easy to ramp up the excitement for another Cena-Rollins showdown at some point in the future.

Author's take

  It's great to see that these two are pals behind the scenes, as that kind of comradery is what so many WWE legends have stated they feel is missing from today's wrestling landscape. Cena and Seth both work unbelievably hard to improve themselves both in and outside of the ring, and this short interaction is proof of that.