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  • China New success in FIBO 2024 manufacturer
    Release on2024-04-22
    ...Read More>>
  • China XYSFITNESS will attend 2024 IHRSA in Los Angeles manufacturer
    Release on2024-02-04
    ...Read More>>
  • China Why we need keeping fit manufacturer
    Release on2024-02-04
    ...Read More>>
  • China We will wait you in FIBO 2024 manufacturer
    Release on2023-12-27
    Exhibition...Read More>>
  • China Who is suitable for yoga exercise? manufacturer
    Release on2023-11-20
    Yoga is an ancient form of physical and mental exercise that can help people improve physical flexibility, balance and mental health through the practice of various postures and breath control. So, who is suitable for yoga exercise?...Read More>>
  • China What exercises are suitable for the double pulley training machine of fitness equipment? manufacturer
    Release on2023-11-18
    The fitness equipment double pulley training machine is a very practical fitness equipment that can help people perform full-body exercise training. This training machine features dual pulleys that provide a smoother and smoother exercise experience. So, what exercises are suitable for the double pulley training machine of fitness equipment?...Read More>>
  • China What can be stored in gym storage racks? manufacturer
    Release on2023-11-16
    First of all, gym storage racks can store sneakers and sportswear. People often change out their sneakers and sportswear while working out at the gym, so storage racks can provide a convenient place to place these items. In this way, people can change their sports equipment at any time to keep their bodies dry and comfortable....Read More>>
  • China What is the low handle of fitness equipment? manufacturer
    Release on2023-11-10
    Fitness equipment low pull handles are a common fitness equipment accessory used for low pull training. It is usually made of metal and has a certain degree of elasticity and durability. The low pull handle can be connected to the tension system of fitness equipment and used to perform various pull-down movements, such as pull-downs, rowing, etc....Read More>>
  • China What is a weight training bench? manufacturer
    Release on2023-11-08
    A weight training bench, also known as a weight bench or strength training bench, is an important piece of equipment for weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts when it comes to weight training. It not only provides a stable support platform for weightlifting, but also provides a safer and more effective exercise environment for trainers....Read More>>
  • China A good helper for exercising - dumbbells manufacturer
    Release on2023-11-07
    As a common fitness equipment, dumbbells are widely used in gyms, home fitness and other places. Its simple design and versatility make it a great addition to your workout routine. This article will introduce the origin, types and health benefits of dumbbells....Read More>>
  • China What are the four types of aerobic training? manufacturer
    Release on2023-11-06
    Aerobic training is a form of exercise that improves cardiopulmonary function by increasing heart rate and respiratory rate. It can help people lose weight, enhance cardiopulmonary function, improve cardiovascular health, etc. There are many different types of aerobic training, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits. The four main types of aerobic training are described below....Read More>>
  • China What are weight plates used for? manufacturer
    Release on2023-11-04
    Weight plates are a common form of fitness equipment that are usually made of wood or plastic and have a certain weight. The main purpose of weight plates is to help people perform balance training and strengthen their core muscles. It is widely used in gyms, gyms and home gyms, becoming an integral part of many people's fitness regimen....Read More>>
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