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  • China How do you define fitness and exercise? manufacturer
    Release on2023-03-17
    Fitness focuses on physical improvements that can enhance overall health, while exercise emphasizes the competitive aspect of activity. It is important to note that fitness and exercise often go hand-in-hand, as fitness improves performance in competitive sports....Read More>>
  • China What time of day is best to exercise manufacturer
    Release on2023-03-16
    Exercise is very important for people's health. Only by insisting on exercising every day can you improve your physical condition, strengthen your physical strength, maintain your body shape, improve your physical function, and keep yourself in a healthy state. Before, everyone sometimes guessed, when is the best time of day to exercise? If you exercise indiscriminately, will it hurt your body?...Read More>>
  • China What are the physical characteristics of people who exercise? manufacturer
    Release on2023-03-15
    Using appearance characteristics to describe a person's fitness level actually has objective conclusions. A person with a well-developed bone structure and strong muscle groups indicates that he or she is regularly engaged in fitness activities....Read More>>
  • China When exercising, consume sugar first, and then mobilize fat when the sugar is used up? manufacturer
    Release on2023-03-14
    First of all, the body first obtains energy from the sugar pool. This is due to the fact that sugar is considered the most readily available source of energy in a timely manner. In most cases, cells "choose" to use sugar over fat as an energy source, and the body consumes less sugar than fat in general activity....Read More>>
  • China Does regular running make your thighs muscular? manufacturer
    Release on2023-03-13
    Yes, regular running can turn your thighs into muscle. Like any other muscle, your thighs gradually get stronger and harder when you run with repeated training. This is because when you run, your thigh muscles are constantly pulling your leg back to maintain your speed. This causes a large number of muscle fibers to be stretched until they are almost torn, and the cells then speed up repair and regeneration, making the muscle stronger and bigger....Read More>>
  • China What should a beginner in fitness know? manufacturer
    Release on2023-03-13
    Fitness is a great sport that everyone can benefit from, even beginners. To start a new fitness journey, you must clarify some fitness knowledge, so that you can formulate a fitness plan that suits you, and ensure that you can get the best fitness effect in the shortest time. So what should a novice bodybuilder know?...Read More>>
  • China How long does it take to keep exercising for obvious results? manufacturer
    Release on2023-03-11
    First of all, we must recognize the purpose of fitness. If you want to lose weight, you may need to keep exercising hard, and the results can generally be seen within 30 days;...Read More>>
  • China What is the principle of muscle building? manufacturer
    Release on2023-03-10
    First of all, to know the principle of muscle building, you must understand the biological principles of muscles. Muscles are composed of multiple muscle fibers, and each muscle fiber is divided into three types, namely slow-moving muscle, fast-moving muscle and monofilament muscle....Read More>>
  • China What exercises can relieve back pain? manufacturer
    Release on2023-03-09
    First, it can exercise the muscles of the back, enhance the strength and toughness of the back, and relieve the pressure on the back. Corresponding exercises such as squats, push-ups and stretching, all help to strengthen the back muscles, improve blood circulation, and reduce the pressure on the back....Read More>>
  • China Can Fat Turn into Muscle? manufacturer
    Release on2023-03-08
    As people pay more and more attention to health, a good figure has become the goal pursued by many people, especially muscles. So can fat turn into muscle?...Read More>>
  • China How fitness equipment is generally transported manufacturer
    Release on2023-03-08
    When people want to own a pair of fitness equipment, they always encounter a thorny problem: transporting the fitness equipment to their homes safely and quickly. After all, once the size is reduced, it will be more convenient, but this will also greatly reduce the safety of transportation. Therefore, in order to improve the safety of items, people will take multiple measures for the transportation of fitness equipment....Read More>>
  • China What body parts should I practice when I just started fitness? manufacturer
    Release on2023-03-07
    First of all, it must be clear that fitness is not a special training for a certain part, but a coordinated activity of the whole body. The focus is on increasing the overall fitness, and the muscles should not be highlighted one-sidedly....Read More>>
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