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Product News

  • China How to use sandbags to lose weight? manufacturer
    Release on2023-01-06
    Using sandbags to lose weight is the core of footwork training and legwork training. Some footwork methods will be involved in legwork training. These are in the scope of aerobic exercise, and more exercises are conducive to weight loss....Read More>>
  • China What are the advantages of indoor ski machines? manufacturer
    Release on2023-01-05
    For ski resorts, this kind of indoor ski mechanism is relatively more convenient. The machine will stop at any time when it falls, which is safer. The coaches teach one-on-one, one-to-two teaching, and the efficiency will be more efficient. After a few days in the ski resort Time coaches can at most protect the safety of tourists....Read More>>
  • China How to choose storage racks for fitness manufacturer
    Release on2023-01-04
    First of all, when choosing a storage rack for fitness, you must consider its material. Generally speaking, the material of the storage rack for fitness should be stronger, and a stronger metal material such as aluminum alloy is a better choice. In addition, the thickness of the material also needs to be considered. Too thin materials are easily damaged and affect the service life....Read More>>
  • China What is a medicine ball? manufacturer
    Release on2023-01-03
    Medicine ball is a sport. Also known as beach volleyball or gravel volleyball, it is a popular team sport that can be played on beaches, holiday villages, swimming pools, indoor courts or other venues....Read More>>
  • China Do squat racks work? manufacturer
    Release on2022-12-26
    Squat rack, also known as squat rack, equipment squat rack, is one of the equipment for strength training, which is used to exercise human legs. It is generally composed of a squat seat, handles, calf boards, foot boards, etc. It can help you achieve correct sitting posture and perform squats and other exercises....Read More>>
  • China How to Use Weightlifting Barbell Correctly manufacturer
    Release on2022-12-22
    Weight lifting barbell is an effective tool for various aerobic exercises, which can enhance muscle strength and endurance. Proper use of barbell can help promote bone development. As part of exercise, barbell training can help you improve your body function, accuracy, flexibility and elasticity of movement. Before using barbell properly, you need to know some safety precautions to avoid accidental injury....Read More>>
  • China Features of the fitness ring manufacturer
    Release on2022-12-20
    The fitness ring is a new fitness innovative product that is specially designed according to the current prosperous and gradually mature Internet + market, and it fully integrates advanced technologies and concepts, and is favored by the majority of users. Its appearance helps everyone to pay attention to and explore some quantitative indicators of health. It is a new innovative product that makes people go to fitness more relaxed and happy....Read More>>
  • China What is dumbbell training? manufacturer
    Release on2022-12-19
    Dumbbells are a training tool used to improve strength and endurance, and they come in many variations for flexibility training. People have been training with dumbbells since ancient Greece, using them to build body, develop muscle and improve strength....Read More>>
  • China The correct posture of spinning bike manufacturer
    Release on2022-12-09
    The correct posture should be: the body leans forward slightly, the arms of the body are straightened, the abdomen is tightened, and the abdominal breathing method is adopted. The legs are parallel to the beam of the car or slightly buckled inward. Swing left and right, pay attention to grasp the riding rhythm. the...Read More>>
  • China fitness equipment fan bike what is it manufacturer
    Release on2022-12-07
    Wind resistance bicycles use the principle of air resistance and dynamics. The harder the trainer pedals, the greater the resistance will be. It is a self-abuse artifact for high-intensity physical training. Features such as environmental protection and unplugged are favored by the majority of fitness enthusiasts. Its key features allow you to maintain your target heart rate during easy events or perform high-intensity interval training during challenging events....Read More>>
  • China Can kettlebells be practiced every day? manufacturer
    Release on2022-12-03
    The center of gravity of the kettlebell extends out of the exerciser's palm to facilitate swinging. Studies have shown that kettlebell exercises are highly effective when it comes to burning body fat. Every 20 minutes of kettlebell exercise can burn about 400 calories, which is equivalent to the effect of running 6 kilometers....Read More>>