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Welcome to Shandong Xingya Sports Fitness Inc.  We are the China premier gym equipment supplier on the internet. You are our most important customer.Y...Contact Now

China Bumper Plate Portability Rack ManufacturerChina Bumper Plate Portability Rack ManufacturerChina Bumper Plate Portability Rack ManufacturerChina Bumper Plate Portability Rack ManufacturerChina Bumper Plate Portability Rack Manufacturer

China Bumper Plate Portability Rack Manufacturer

  • Product Specifications                                                 
  • 1.Place of Origin : Shandong, China (Mainland)                                         
  • 2.Brand Name : XYSFITNESS                                             
  • 3.Product name : Plate Storage Rack          
  • 4.Item No : XY-GLPJ032
  • 5.Size : 44 x 15 x 11.6   inch    ( L x W x H )      
  • 6.Material : Steel And Rubber                                     
  • 7.Usage : Multifunctional                                            
  • 8.Weight : 38 lb                                      
  • 9.Logo : Customer Logo                                        
  • 10.Color : White  , Balck , Red , Yellow , Silver , Blue
  • 11.Capacity : 310 lbs

Product description

Information about the company

SHANDONG XINGYA SPORT FITNESS INC is a professional exercise equipment enterprise for development, 

production and sales of dumbbells, barbells, kettlebell, mats, racks and other rubbercoated and dipping products.

Our services 

 shipping and sample tracking quality includes lifetime. 

 every little problem going on our product will be solved in the shortest amount of time. 

 all Your question answered within 24 hours. 

 strict production control system and work closely with a strong gym equipment factories

 OEM/ODM orders are welcome. 

high-quality services from all over the modern team, adding many years export experience. 


Q1: you can negotiate the price?

A1: Yes, we can run certain promotions, that will be more discountsgranted sometimes. 

Can we give discount Tor FCL mixed products orWholesale products. 

Q2: what is the minimum order? 

A2: we accept small orders, prices will be higher, though. 

Q3: how long does it take for the production and delivery?

A3: Please comfirm order quantity, lead time, when you are ready to place your order. 

NormallyWe need a 3-4 working days for production after receiving the deposit and allThe order details are confirmed by regular patterns and models. 

Transportby sea or air, customs clearance and land transport will be needed,the next 20-30 days. 

So please feel free to place orders in advance to make sure that thehave the products for sale in the busy season. 

Q4: If we have all the shipping freight forwarder in China, you do it for us?

A4: we have the Department of maritime transport, it will get the best shipping prices and excellent service. 

Q5: will never come to China before, you can become my guide in China?

A5: We need to make a reservation for you and arrange our driver topick up from the ariport to our company, 

if you want to visitmarket or the factory, we can arrange our friend be your assistant. 

Contact us




Phone/WhatsApp: + 86 18865279858

E-mail: aimee@xysfitness.cn

Facebook: Aimeelu   Skype: + 86 18865279858

Shandong Xingya Sports Fitness Inc


Contact Person:Aimee Lu

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