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Here Are The Five Most Important Fitness Trends Of 2017

Julian Galinski FITNESS 2017-04-19 17:19:25

  The choice of workouts and equipment has long become a status symbol: The fitness sector continues to boom. For some, the motivation comes from the pure health, others want to be quicker, more flexible and stronger every day. And every target group wants the industry to appeal to them. These are the trends of 2017.

1. Community matters – online and offline
  In cities across Europe, people are coming together in outdoor training classes, running groups and boot camps .The community factor is growing and growing. In social groups and for individual trainers too. Giants like Freeletics have shown us how it’s done: With a swipe on their smart phone, every athlete is immediately connected to their digital network. Here they can get tips and tricks, but above all they get mutual motivation.

2. The device market is becoming both more specialized and more diverse

  The innovations in the area of training devices in detail: Bulgarian bags and battle ropes have already established themselves a place in advanced gyms, while further generations of tubes, poles and rolls which are constantly better than the previous model and the competition push onto the market.

3. There are nutritional supplements for every target group

  Protein powder has become socially acceptable. The industry never gets tired, new and more promising powders are always thrown on the market – along with the juicers and detoxers of this world, they have opened up completely new, and often wealthy target groups. In the meantime, nutritional supplements can be found in every drug store for every diet: Pre-, during, and post-workout, for any mealtime and before bedtime too. That is at least the business model. But in the end, it’s not crucial for training success.

4. Smart gadgets give live feedback

  Training on an app – or even better: following a training plan – is of course nothing new. In its basic function, it is also works quite simply over the smartphone camera: The app analyses movement patterns and can optimize these with tips and support. While no algorithm can successfully replace a well trained trainer, the digital products are getting ever closer.

5. EMS training is becoming smaller and more practical by the day

  Whether, and to what extent, it is actually sport to send electrical currents through your body, can obviously be discussed. In any case, those who believe the end justifies the means receive an effective muscle growth and strengthening program with little time investment thanks to EMS training .