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How to use the patella strap correctly

2023-03-06 14:03:30

The Patella Strap is an external fixation used to support and correct the knee joint and is a commonly used clinical tool in sports injury treatment and reconstructive surgery. It reduces motion after a knee injury, relieves inflammation, (China jumpers knee strap factory)and promotes normal knee recovery. Here's how to use the Patella Strap properly.



First of all, before using the patella strap, you should first check the knee joint injury, (foam roller manufacturer china)adjust the different situations, and choose the appropriate patella strap. Secondly, a layer of xanthan lotion or ice cream should be applied to the knee joint before installation to reduce direct friction. Then, place the patella strap under the knee joint and pull the strap tight so that it is snug, not too tight or too loose. Finally, record the disassembly time every day for regular inspection and maintenance.


In the process of using the patella belt, the above steps must be followed to ensure safety and reliability, so as to avoid further damage to the knee joint. At the same time, auxiliary treatments such as massage, physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises should be added frequently to speed up the rehabilitation of the knee joint.


In short, the correct use of the patella strap can not only improve the pain, but also help to restore the normal function of the knee joint. Of course, before using it, you should try your best to ask the doctor to give the correct guidance to ensure safety and reliability.