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How Elderly Exercise Effectively

2023-03-03 14:55:03

The exercise of the elderly should be constantly adjusted with each age stage and physical condition in order to achieve the purpose of fully functioning. There are many exercise methods suitable for the elderly. Walking, jogging, swimming, Tai Chi, Qigong, walking, etc. are all good choices.



First of all, walking is one of the easiest exercises to master and perform, (China Medical knee pad factory)and it can exercise the legs and shoulders. For the elderly, walking is easy, and it can also enhance cardiopulmonary function and reduce the incidence of chronic diseases. In addition, walking can make you feel happy, enhance your ability to resist stress, and benefit your physical and mental health.


Jogging is another commonly used exercise.(curved treadmill Assault air runner china) The elderly can properly increase the running intensity, enhance cardiopulmonary function, and promote the improvement of antioxidant capacity and metabolism. It can reduce the hormone secretion of cortisol, improve the psychological state of the elderly, improve immunity, reduce resting pulse rate and blood pressure, and effectively control blood lipid levels and reduce the occurrence of diseases.


Swimming is a beneficial exercise that the elderly should try. It can help the elderly improve blood circulation, enhance muscle strength, maintain cardiopulmonary function, reduce the pressure on bones and joints, reduce the occurrence of chronic pain, and reduce depression in the elderly.


Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese fitness method. It can help the elderly improve muscle flexibility, exercise the spine, improve joint mobility, and also help to enhance brain power, relieve anxiety, stress, and eliminate factors that affect memory.


Qigong is a special way of exercise, which can promote the improvement of visceral functions, lower blood pressure, balance blood lipids, speed up blood circulation, improve immunity, enhance lung capacity, improve sleep quality, relieve pain, and improve the mental state and psychology of the elderly. healthy.


Walking can not only help the elderly exercise their muscles, but also improve their psychological state, so that they can better resolve their troubles, improve their mood, enhance their sense of responsibility for life, improve their sleep quality, relieve anxiety and stress, enhance their self-confidence, and promote their intellectual development , improve the physical and mental health of the elderly.


In short, the elderly can take reasonable exercise according to their physical condition to improve their physical and mental health.