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Recommendations for the selection of dumbbell

pat wang 2018-01-26 16:47:32
The dumbbell, a type of free weight, is a piece of equipment used
in weight training. It can be used individually or in pairs, with one
in each hand.As a professional fitness equipment provider, we
supply all kinds of high quality dumbbell.Next, I offer some advice
on the selection of different dumbbell.

Adjust dumbbell
Adjustable and Regular Dumbbells
A regular or fixed dumbbell is a set weight.You most commonly see these dumbbells
in commercial gyms and fitness centers.You cannot change their weight.You need a
dumbbell with a different weight, so you need to buy a whole set of dumbbell of
different weight which takes more space and more money.But you can change the
weight of an adjustable dumbbell.Either type of dumbbell has benefits and drawbacks
to using it.Adjustable dumbbells are more likely to come loose possibly causing injury.
You can change out weights with regular dumbbells more quickly than you can with
adjustable dumbbells — just grab a different set of dumbbells. Adjustable dumbbells
take up significantly less space than regular dumbbells . So you couldchoose to use
adjustable dumbbells in your home gym.
PU dumbbell
PU Dumbbell or Rubber Dumbbell
The rubber or PU coating can protect your floors from the dumbbell`s scratches and
marring.PU Material is a man-made compound which is highly durable, impact
resistant and shock absorbing. PU Material has a higher tear strength , so PU
dumbbells will generally come with a longer warranty period than rubber ones.
Rubber or rubber latex, may be natural - made from the sap of trees - or produced
synthetically. Rubber is flexible, stretchy, and waterproof. The UV rays of the sun
can damage rubber weights. Additionally, people who are allergic to latex should
not use natural rubber products. Rubber has a distinct odor.Prices for urethane
dumbbell vary depending on brand and weights purchased.And the same to the
rubber dumbbell.
Choosing the Best Deal for You
Both urethane and rubber have their own benefits, but people who are sensitive to
smells or have a latex allergy should avoid rubber. While urethane dumbbells cost
more than rubber dumbbells, urethane dumbbells have a longer warranty. Test
dumbbells before you make a purchase to make certain the style is best for you.

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