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What are the advantages of indoor ski machines?

2023-01-05 16:06:47

For ski resorts, this kind of indoor ski mechanism is relatively more convenient. (China indoor skiing machine suppliers)The machine will stop at any time when it falls, which is safer. The coaches teach one-on-one, one-to-two teaching, and the efficiency will be more efficient. After a few days in the ski resort Time coaches can at most protect the safety of tourists. Tourists pay high coach fees and cannot learn real skills. This kind of indoor ski machine is mainly for practicing skiing. After learning, you can ski by yourself, saving the coach of the ski resort Fei, got a new skill of skiing, why not do it.



Indoor skiing has the following benefits:
1. (ski erg machine commercial suppliers china)The friction is large, the speed and slope are constant, and the movements it can do require high accuracy, which is suitable for practicing specific techniques;
2. The practice efficiency is high, gliding for 15 minutes can reach the small ski field for 3~6 hours;
3. The action repetition rate is extremely high, which is very helpful for the formation of muscle memory. Think about the effect of continuous sliding for 8 kilometers at a constant slope speed;
4. You can see your own movements and correct them at any time, with high accuracy of movements;
5. The coach is at the side to guide at any time, and there are no problems such as not being able to follow the slide/speaking at a distance/incomplete perspective;
6. Plow sliding is particularly safe, and the coach will basically not fall, let alone be hit;
7. Physical exertion is greater than that of real snow, because the action is more similar to advanced gliding, and can be used to train skiing physical fitness.