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What are the differences between the different gym models?

2023-01-07 14:29:39

At present, there are three major types of gym models in the mainstream, namely traditional gyms, 24-hour gyms and pure sports apps. However, (dumbbell rack for home China Manufacturer)the fast fitness that combines online and offline does not seem to have a positive conflict with a certain model.



traditional gym
The most traditional gym model is criticized because of its core issues, (medicine ball pvc medicine ball bounce china factory)such as the price of people, the risk of running away, the high threshold of equipment, the expensive private education, and the insistence on self-consciousness. Individual gyms tend to change hands after a wave. Every time a member opens a card, it is a potential game with the gym owner.


24 hours gym
24-hour gyms such as Leke, liking fit, and light pigsty have been placed with high expectations since their conception, but when I opened the review software, I found that the negative reviews were almost one-sided. . However, according to the exercise schedule of Chinese fitness users, users still focus on exercising during prime time, and the 24-hour concept does not really meet the current user needs, or the user needs have not really emerged.


sports app
The main battlefields of Internet + sports apps represented by KEEP, Yuedongquan, Tangdou Square Dance, and Gudong are placed on their familiar lines. For a while, I was also a loyal user of keep and Yuedongquan. It becomes the highlight of the experience, but only from the online point of view, it cannot compete with the combined online + offline experience.