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If you insist on exercising for 1 hour every day, how much can you lose in 2 months?

2023-01-09 17:16:36

First of all, let’s take a look at how many calories can be consumed in 1 hour of fitness. Generally, choose moderate-intensity exercises, such as running, dancing, aerobic exercises, (Gym rubber flooring mat manufacturer china)playing ball, and swimming series of aerobic exercises. You can consume 400-600 calories in 1 hour , we calculate with an average of 500 calories, 30,000 calories can be consumed in 2 months and 60 days.


Consuming one kilogram of fat is equivalent to 7,700 calories, (kettlebell cement supplier china)and 30,000 calories is equivalent to 4 kilograms of fat. If you calculate that all your body consumes is fat, you can consume nearly 4 kilograms of fat in 2 months, which is 8 catties weight.


Of course, this is only an ideal situation.(resistance bands colorful bands china wholesales)Because the body cannot simply consume fat during exercise, and the consumption of calories is systemic, which will be accompanied by muscle breakdown, water loss, and inorganic salt loss. With the loss of fat and muscle, the body weight base decreases, the body's metabolic level will also decrease, and the speed of weight loss will also slow down.


In order to increase the speed of weight loss, we can increase our own muscles. Muscle is the body's lean tissue, but also energy-consuming tissue. Muscle is dense and small in size, about 1/3 times that of fat of the same weight.


The more muscular the person, the higher the base weight will be, but the figure will not become fat or bloated, but will make the figure more compact and beautiful. For example: a bodybuilder who has been exercising for many years may weigh more than 80KG, but he is muscular and looks very compact, and a person with more muscle will have a more vigorous body metabolism and it is not easy to accumulate fat.


Of course, during fitness training, we also need to combine diet to improve the efficiency of fat burning and shaping. If your diet has no taboos and your calorie intake exceeds the body's metabolic value, the excess calories will be converted into fat accumulation.