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How to choose a bumper storage rack

2023-02-16 14:02:40

A bumper storage rack is a metal or composite shelf placed at the front or rear of a vehicle that can be used to hold luggage,(competition bumper plate manufacturers china) sports equipment, and other items that need to be secured while driving.



So generally how to choose?

1. Material: The bumper storage rack is generally made of cold-rolled steel plate,(bumper plate rack for sale china) and the surface has to be processed by multiple polishing processes, which is beneficial to prevent rust and wear;

2. Resolution: Try to choose a high-resolution bumper storage rack, because this can ensure the strength and stability of the storage rack;

3. Screws: Screws are an important part of the storage rack. High-quality screws must be used during processing, and the screws must be firm;

4. Surface treatment: The surface of the bumper storage rack should be treated with waterproof, dustproof and anti-pollution, and colored coating can also be selected;

5. Installation: Generally, a group of experienced installers are selected to install the bumper storage rack to ensure the quality of the installation.