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Sara Sigmundsdottir And Mat Fraser Win The 2017 CF Games Open

  • Author:Armen Hammer
  • Source:Floelite
  • Release on:2017-04-21

  Now that the 2017 Reebok CF Games Open is over and submissions have officially closed, the winners have been finalized. Sara Sigmundsdottir and Mat Fraser have won the 2017 Reebok CF Games Open !

  This is the first time Sara Sigmundsdottir has won the Open after moving out of Europe to compete in the United States. She took third in the 2015 Open and fourth in the 2016 Open and third at the CF Games both of those years.

  Fraser won the Open in 2015 and took second at the CF Games. Prior to that he took seventh in the Open in 2014. His 2016 Games season was epic, but he also took seventh in the 2016 Open.

  The next step of the 2017 CF Games begins in May with Regionals.