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fitness equipment fan bike what is it

2022-12-07 18:14:08

Air resistance bicycle, or air resistance exercise bike,(air bike manufacturers china) refers to an indoor bicycle with a front flywheel and a fan.


It can't even be called a spinning bike, because it is difficult to add music to the exercise of a wind resistance bike, (wind resistance air bike manufacturers)and the corresponding relationship between its resistance and riding speed is also opposite to that of a spinning bike: the faster you ride, the faster the fan turns, the greater the resistance, and therefore Known as the "rush car".

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Wind-resistant bikes use the principles of air resistance and dynamics. The harder you push the training pedals, the more resistance there will be. It is a self-abuse artifact for high-intensity physical training. Environmental protection, unplugged and other features are favored by the majority of fitness enthusiasts.


Its primary function allows you to maintain your target heart rate during easy activities, or perform high-intensity interval training during challenging activities.