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Can kettlebells be practiced every day?

2022-12-03 16:05:55

Kettlebell is a kind of weightlifting and weight training equipment, generally made of cast iron or steel, mainly used to improve muscle strength, endurance, explosive power, and cardiopulmonary function. (China kettlebell factory)Originating in Russia in the 18th century, the center of gravity of the kettlebell extends out of the exerciser's palm to facilitate swinging. Studies have shown that kettlebell exercises are highly effective when it comes to burning body fat. Every 20 minutes of kettlebell exercise can burn about 400 calories, which is equivalent to the effect of running 6 kilometers.

For those who have a certain exercise foundation, the recovery time of high-intensity explosive training that focuses on concentric contraction of a single part can be controlled within 24 hours. ( china powder coated kettlebell manufacturers)For example, swimming—a kind of exercise that is almost pure work, and there is almost no muscle soreness the next day after exercising—many people with strong super recovery ability can swim at a higher intensity six days a week and still do it twice a day. The underground pool is full of physical strength; the same is true for bicycles (if only the legs and buttocks are considered, high-power pedaling and riding is almost pure concentric contraction), many masters practice high-intensity four or five times a week or even Six times, two hours each time, is also commonplace, and does not accumulate too much soreness. It is worth noting that sprinting is not a pure concentric exercise, and it is best not to practice high-intensity sprinting every day.


For heavy training where the concentric contraction and eccentric contraction are almost equal (the total work done on the equipment is almost zero), large muscle groups (such as the posterior chain such as the buttocks, (China cast iron kettlebell suppliers)biceps femoris, and erector spinae that the subject must definitely want to train) Muscle group) recovery time is about 48-72 hours (people who have no exercise foundation, or people who have exercise foundation but lack of training in a certain part or kinetic chain, may need a week after high-intensity training).


If you want to practice every day (in my opinion, "practice every day" should obviously be understood as something like six days a week, or four out of every five days, you have to take a rest day every once in a while, even if you only do pure training Cardiac contraction exercise), but also want high intensity, I think if you have a good physical foundation, you should be able to do it.