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What are the fitness equipment?

2022-12-08 15:19:38

If the gym equipment is classified, there are different classification methods from different perspectives. The coarse granularity can be roughly divided into two categories: comprehensive fitness equipment and partial fitness equipment. According to the type of fitness, it can be divided into aerobic fitness equipment and non-toxic Oxygen fitness equipment, in fact, many equipment can have different training effects according to your training movements, and there is no absolute limit. This article will take stock of the 7 most commonly used equipment in gyms!

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1. Aerobic equipment: treadmill, elliptical machine, exercise bike (horizontal bike, vertical bike), climbing machine, rowing machine, etc.

2. Spinning bike room: Generally, gyms will have a special bike room, so they are listed separately;

3. Strength training equipment: fixed strength training single-position single-function training equipment (strength equipment that can exercise all muscle groups from the neck to the calf, such as high pull, butterfly, chest clamp, kicking, etc.), free strength training equipment : Dumbbells, Barbells, Bench Press, Gantry, Smith Rack, Dumbbell Benches for Assisting Free Strength. There are also big flying birds for large-scale comprehensive training;

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4. Training equipment in the private education area: fan cars, unpowered treadmills, croissants, flip tires, battle ropes, etc.

5. Dance room, yoga room, auxiliary equipment, Pilates bed, various mats, (gym rubber floor mat supplier china)stretching, relaxation equipment;

6. Body side equipment, physique, bone mass and muscle analyzer.

7. The large comprehensive gymnasium will also have boxing rings, rock climbing equipment, etc.