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Tricks To Achieve Your Fitness Resolution

PUSHKARAJ S SHIRKE Daily News & Analysis 2017-05-24 17:40:42

    Less than one per cent ever follow through with their fitness
resolution each year. Here’s how you can actually succeed with the weight loss/healthier you plan you made on June 1:

Define your purpose

    Losing weight may be your goal, but what is your purpose? For instance, a fat man would want to lose weight to prove to himself that he is not a victim of his circumstances. A skinny boy perhaps wants to be able to stand up to his bullies. Find the deeper reason; it can be a motivation more powerful than a delicious plate of French fries.

Professional or intelligent advice

    Right guidance ensures results and once you see results, your dedication increases manifold. Professional help ensures that your goals are not yours alone. Their advice can save you from pitfalls. If you cannot afford professional help, take the effort to get guidance .

Set multiple smaller goals

    Set three to six smaller goals en route to the big goal. Achieving these smaller goals will give you opportunities to celebrate success, and eventually be a positive influence to attain the next goal. It will also give you a chance to revise your path from time to time.

Set a reward

    Here’s the ace of spades: book a fitness shoot, or buy an expensive dress a size smaller. If you give up midway, you lose the money, too. A powerful combination of positive and negative reinforcement should keep you steadfast on your path. It’s sort of how looking great at your wedding is a great reinforcement to get into shape.

Get social support

    A goal that is unusual in your social circle is less likely to be accomplished. Friends and family may ridicule you for eating healthy even when they may be battling with health issues. Hence, interact with friends with similar goals and lifestyle choices. You don’t have to give up on old friends, simply add more. It can be a new workout group, or you could interact in forums — anything to keep away the negativity.