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Five Effective Back Training Tips

Xingya editor WeChat public account "Sports" 2023-08-18 10:46:43

1. Don't arch your back

In most movements, the lower back is used to stabilize the torso, but remember to maintain a slight arch during the movement. One reason for very serious back injuries is because athletes get sloppy and arch their lower backs, creating a convex lumbar spine.


This puts the lower back in a very unfavorable position with high damage to the muscles in the lower back and the discs between the spinal cord segments. (China squat rack factory)The damage can progress to such an extent that putting on your own shoes and socks every day is painful. Don't arch your lower back during training, ever!


2. Emphasize Extrusion/Peak Contraction

Many athletes fail to reap significant muscle-building benefits because they use ballistic methods to repeat movements, doing movements in rapid succession without stopping, ignoring the stretching or contraction of the muscles, and not giving the latissimus dorsi proper tension. stimulate them.


Using too much weight is the main reason this happens. If you suspect that this might not be for you, try pausing for a second to stretch the lats, then flexing the lats to continue the stretch for 1 minute. Use no more than 60% of regular weight. You'll be amazed at the pump that ensues. Don't be afraid to reduce the weight, if you practice with a small weight, the movements will be more standard.

3. Don’t overtrain

The back is a complex structure that can be practiced from different angles and with a variety of movements. (competition kettlebell chrome handle) Some rowing machines, for example, give you a choice of three or four different handlebars. It's very easy for you to overdo an exercise.


The enthusiasm to spend two hours training your back is laudable, but has the potential to mislead you. Too much training can cause excessive muscle damage, and even a full week may not be enough to fully recover the back muscles before training again.


Eventually, the strength and size of the lats will decrease. Of course, variety of movements and grip distances is admirable, but don't do it every time.

4. Stretch between each set of movements

An easy way to strengthen your flexibility and range of motion is to stretch between sets. Just grab any upright bar or part of the machine and slowly rotate your body away from it. Stretch and hold for five seconds on each side.

5. Practice twice a week

If your back is seriously preventing you from achieving a balanced body shape, try doing it twice a week for 2-4 weeks. You can come and practice on Monday and Thursday.


But don't do the same exercise twice. The first workout was deadlifts and rows, and the second was pull-ups, pull-ups, and shrugs. A period of high load can give your back a whole new size and shape.