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The correct posture of spinning bike

2022-12-09 14:12:53

Some people turn their legs outward, shake their heads, and nod their heads when they are spinning. This posture is wrong. These are probably common cycling postures. But Captain Sun reminded bikers that the wrong riding method not only affects the exercise effect, but also easily causes damage to the body. the

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The correct posture should be: the body leans forward slightly, the arms of the body are straightened, the abdomen is tightened, and the abdominal breathing method is adopted. The legs are parallel to the beam of the car or slightly buckled inward. Swing left and right, pay attention to grasp the riding rhythm. the


In addition, the pedaling posture is also very important.(China fitness training bike wholesale) "Generally people think that the so-called pedaling is to step down, and the pedals rotate a circle to drive the flywheel forward, but the correct pedaling should be divided into four coherent actions: stepping, pulling, lifting, and pushing."


A professional coach said: "Step down on the soles of your feet first, then retract and pull your calves back, then lift them up, and then push them forward. This is exactly a 360-degree pedaling cycle. Such rhythmic pedaling not only saves energy but also improves speed.