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5 Healthy Gifts For Dad On Father's Day

WCPO WCPO 2017-06-15 15:09:13

  Father’s Day has been celebrated in the United States since the early 20th century and has been an official national holiday — the third Sunday in June — since the 1970s. That means there is no excuse to forget dear old Dad.

  Honor your pop by giving him a gift he’ll love that will also encourage him to stay healthy for many Father’s Days to come. Here are five healthy gift ideas for Dad.

Workout equipment

  Your dad may not need to exercise a lot to stay healthy, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. In fact, a study found a stunning 73 percent of people who set fitness goals at the beginning of the year, quit. It doesn’t matter the time of year — keeping fit is tough. As such, make it simple for Dad, and give him just one piece of equipment he’ll enjoy using.

  If he likes working around the house or going for walks, give a pair of ankle or wrist weights to wear as he moves. If he’s a news junkie, an exercise ball is easy to pull out for a few simple exercises in front of the TV — include some workouts he can do to get started. There are also jump ropes, dumbbells, medicine balls, resistance bands and so on. All are affordable gifts you can buy online or in stores, and that your dad can fit into his lifestyle.

Activity tracker

  If your dad likes technology (or is at least willing to learn), an activity tracker is the way to go. Trackers are often worn on the ankle or wrist. Look for one that fits your dad’s lifestyle and your budget.
Depending on your dad’s technological prowess, learn how the tracker functions, so you are prepared to explain both its setup and use.

Gift basket

  This is one you can do on your own or with help from a company. Give a basket filled with healthy snacks, ingredients or anything you think your father will enjoy. You could focus on fruits and vegetables and make it an ongoing gift with a fruit of the month club membership through any number of other companies, including local businesses, where you can select your basket in store.

  Alternately, creating a basket on your own is fun and allows you to personalize it with foods you know your dad will eat. You can even choose refrigerated food and add it at the last minute. Personalize further by picking a container with your dad in mind so, instead of a basket, it could be something he can use in the kitchen, office or garage.

Exercise sessions

  Sometimes it’s easier to work out with the guidance of an expert or the encouragement of a group. If your dad would like solo workout advice, hire a personal trainer to meet him at a gym or at home. If group classes would appeal, buy some sessions at a yoga studio or CF gym.

Healthy reading

  Doing research before beginning anything new could be up your dad’s alley, so help him explore his healthy living options with a book about the subject. Choose from best sellers, or one you already respect.

  If bite-size reading is more your dad’s thing, give the gift that keeps giving, with a subscription to a health magazine, such as one on cooking — make sure it’s got a healthy focus — fitness, or senior health .