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Exercises That Help You Burn More Calories Than Running

Anindita Ghosh Femina 2017-05-17 17:06:44

  There is no doubt that running has great cardio benefits and can make you lose around 557 calories an hour if you run at around 10 kilometres per hour. However, if the very thought of running that fast for that long makes you break into an unhealthy sweat, you can try these exercises instead that can make you burn more calories.  

Kettlebell Swings

  This exercise will make you lose 20 calories a minute and sculpt your glutes and quads. It also makes your heart pump at 93 percent of its capacity, says research from the University of Wisconsin. These exercises are taxing because they make you do a movement that your body is not used to.

  This simplest of exercises makes your heart race and burns 13 calories a minute. It also helps improve your balance and coordination as it uses more muscle groups than jogging. Do at least 100 to 120 jumps per minute.

  Have you seen those thick twin ropes that lie around in the gym? Well, the next time, ask your trainer to show you how to do battle rope exercises as they burn more than 10 calories a minute. In fact, in a College of New Jersey study of comparative workout styles, found that battle-rope exercises came first in terms of total oxygen consumption.

Walking Uphill With A Load

  Do you know why people who live in the hills are fitter? That’s because they are used to walking uphill with a load, be it a backpack or grocery bags. This kind of exercise burns a whopping 415 calories an hour. And the best part is that this can be achieved while walking at a moderate pace.


  Why torture yourself by running when you can burn 443 calories an hour by shaking your booty to Ed Sheeran? Join the dance aerobics class in your gym and get up and hit the dance floor instead of nursing your drink the next time you go to a party or a club.


  Rowing is a very effective exercise and can make you burn up to an unbelievable 682 calories per hour. It also gives your abs, arms and legs a great workout. In fact, it gives you the ideal full-body workout.