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What are the physical characteristics of people who exercise?

2023-03-15 15:10:14

Using appearance characteristics to describe a person's fitness level actually has objective conclusions. A person with a well-developed bone structure and strong muscle groups indicates that he or she is regularly engaged in fitness activities.


First, people who work out have tighter muscles, that is, stronger muscle types. (Barbell Bar Commercial Gym Prices china) They will also weigh a little less than the average person, but the weight is distributed in the correct places. The fat is evenly distributed, with most of the fat concentrated in the thighs, waist, and buttocks. In contrast, fat distribution in unfit people tends to be heavier in the abdomen.



Another obvious feature is that the bust and waist of people who exercise are relatively small,(air bike belt drive supplier china) especially the waist is much smaller than ordinary people. While some bodybuilders don't pay much attention to waistlines, overall it's pretty common.


Fitness people not only have a finer body shape, but also have better body balance. From the videos of athletes and ordinary people, it can be seen that fitness people are more stable and reliable when jumping, running and doing resistance training. Their strength and endurance are stronger, making their body more beautiful and firm, the curve of the waist and abdomen is more obvious, and the curve of the whole body is more smooth and beautiful.


Finally, the skin of people who exercise is also very good, with strong anti-oxidation ability, pale skin, more three-dimensional shape of triangular face, more beautiful facial curves, and more obvious concave curvature of abdomen. This is all brought about by exercise. overall aesthetics.


The above is a brief introduction to the physical characteristics of bodybuilders. Their fitness results can be seen from their appearance, but this is only superficial. The health and physical fitness level in the body are the most important. Not only do you need to keep fit, but you also need to improve your eating habits, avoid overeating, and do a lot of comprehensive physical exercise to keep your body looking good and healthy.