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10 Commandments For Summer Training

Rhea Varghese DNAindia 2017-06-01 14:52:27

  The summer season is upon us, and the sun is getting stronger every hour. So if you are a fitness freak and don't want the heat to hamper your fitness workout, you might want to read these commandments for summer training.

1. Don't overdo the proteins pre-workout

  Although it may sound healthy, consumption of proteins prior to a workout does your body no good. Not only does the digestion of this protein demand a lot of energy from the body, but it also raises one's body temperature, which is a strict no-no for fitness workouts. So skip that pre-protein workout today.

2. Hydrate beyond water

  It is universal knowledge that drinking plenty of water during fitness training, especially in the summer, is a must. But let's not limit our intake of liquid only up to water, as liquid in the form of fruits and vegetables is also equally important. Not only do fruits and veggies like avocado, watermelon, cucumber, litchis have high water content, but they are also loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

3. Choose weight training over cardio

  Looking for an easier and sweat-free method to shed weight this summer? Then stop running on that treadmill and get started with weight training exercises. Training with weights can speed up one's metabolism faster than that of cardio. Even though calorie burning is a slow process in weight training as compared to cardio training, you will continue burning calories at least for an hour after putting those weights down. So save yourself from that pool of sweat and get started on those dumbells.

4. Spice it down

  As tempting as it may seem and help contribute to the overall calorie burning process, hot and spicy food is something one must refrain from prior or post a workout. Spices have a thermic effect, it releases a lot of energy which spikes your body temperature causing you to sweat all the more. So keep aside that spicy food and add refreshing nutrients to your diet.

5. Be an early bird

  Why not be an early bird and exercise in the morning? You can spare yourself the effort of looking for an excuse to escape fitness training in this scorching heat. It is the best time to get that workout done as your body can tolerate the morning sun much better than the afternoon sun. And for better results, you can exercise on an empty stomach as it helps burn more fat.

6. Say no to cold water

  If you think that consuming cold water during a summer workout will help cool you down, you are highly mistaken. Drinking ice-cold water after sweating it out may shock your internal organs and digestive system. Warm water or water above room temperature is recommended, as it helps bring the core temperature back to normal after a workout and prevents the internal organs from any shocks.

7. Wear loose clothes

  In order to maintain body temperatures during exercise, it is essential to wear clothes that allow one's body to breathe and transpire the heat produced. Wearing comfortable and loose clothes will improve one's fitness performance and heat-related exhaustion

8. Don't sweat it as soon as you step in

  Always remember, never start your workout immediately on stepping into the gym after staying out in the heat for long. After having adjusted to the hot outdoor temperature your body takes time to adjust to the low temperature of the gym. So give it some time, following which you can start with some warm up exercises and then begin your routine.

9. Switch to outdoor activities

  The summer season offers a perfect opportunity for fitness freaks to step outside and switch their fitness regimes. Stay active this summer with fun fitness activities like swimming, hiking, basketball etcetera. Not only do these activities help one stay fit, but they also keep you entertained.

10. Reduce intensity of workout

  During summer, the scorching heat raises one's heart rate and makes it difficult for the body to let go of that extra heat. Working out in such a humid climate becomes a task and can also lead to fatigue. To avoid this, cut down on your workout intensity by a 60-70 percent and switch to lighter workouts as recommended by your fitness trainer.