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Top 3 Home Exercise Equipment Worth Owning

Mike Jones TheUrbanTwist 2017-05-20 11:02:31

  Home exercise products are valuable investments because you can have the tools you need to work out without leaving the house. Not everyone has the energy, time or money for a gym membership, so investing in home exercise tools is crucial to healthy living.

  Even with a gym membership, having a few fitness products in the house can compensate for the days when you can’t stick to the regular schedule or need to supplement a workout routine.

  Advances in technology have led to a myriad of options when it comes to exercise equipment, and now manufacturers are making them suitable for home use. The problem comes when you must pick the product to buy.

1. Jumping Rope

  The most affordable way to get a few minutes of cardio when you can is to have a jumping rope in the house.

  Jump ropes are some of the cheapest fitness products on the market, so you don’t have to vex about shelling out too much.

  The tool is also very simple to operate once you are used to it, as Krista, one of the Stay Fit Mom authors says, “it takes a bit of practice, but it will be worth the time.”

  Once you establish a proper rhythm, a jumping rope does a great deal to keep your heart healthy. The up and down movements increase the heart rate and keep the blood pumping, which is the objective of any decent cardio workout.

  In any fitness routine, cardio exercises are a must-have, thus the need for a jumping rope.

  Besides working the heart muscles, a jumping rope improves your cognitive and energy levels, giving your body the stamina it needs daily activities, not to mention it boosts agility and coordination.

  Another reason to get a quality rope is that it works out all the muscles and jumping is an uncomplicated way to burn calories.

  Most people schedule jumping rope exercises as warm-ups, which is ideal because it gets the body prepped when you have a particularly intensive workout coming up.

  You can complement a jumping rope routine with a few minutes on a whole body vibration machine. Jump ropes are available in different materials, lengths, and styles. Some are weighted to increase the speed when jumping.

2. Dumbbells

  Adjustable dumbbells are great for home workouts because they don’t occupy a lot of space.

  Dumbbells are used for strength training and exercising all your muscles. The fitness tool requires a bit of control, so it is excellent at building endurance, in addition to enhancing coordination.

  You can create a host of varying workout routines with dumbbells, and that is why fitness experts highly recommend them.

  With the slip of a pin, an adjustable dumbbell allows you to move from one training to another. Additionally, you save money when one dumbbell gets you the function of five.

  Imagine the cost and amount of space it would take if you bought dumbbells of different weights. You can pick the type of increments you want for your dumbbell, depending on your fitness program.

  Dumbbells are designed for different kinds of individuals and workout needs. For example, some equipment is available with a vinyl coating to reduce slippage, especially for females.

3. Stability Ball

  When you want to work out the abs, a stability ball is an efficient way to do it.

  Balance balls are wildly versatile as home exercise products, making them useful for more than a toned abdomen.

  Sitting on the ball can enhance posture, especially for someone who spends all day behind a desk. Balance balls are also designed to exercise the upper and lower body, which increases their suitability for a whole-body fitness program.

  Physical therapists recommend stability balls for people who are undergoing rehabilitation. The reason is that with the right workout routine, they develop muscles and flexibility.

  Besides sitting and lying on the ball, it can be used as support when doing pushups or back exercises, and that increases your training options.

  The equipment is also ideal when you need to stretch the muscles since you can move your body in different positions using the ball. In the case of space constraints, find a balance ball with a small diameter because they are available different sizes.

  Some balance balls come with workout DVDs that provide ideas on how to use them in case you are a first-timer.


  Home exercise products make training convenient for many people such as those with full-time jobs who may not get a chance to get to the gym.

  For someone who feels uncomfortable working out in front of others, home fitness tools come in handy and you can also pace yourself to suit your tolerance.

  Even with the ones that have significant upfront costs, home workout equipment can save you money because the products can last a long while and once you get them, they only need easy maintenance.

  You can also combine workout tools with other gadgets like wearables, which have become very popular, to get the most out of them.