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What movements must be practiced to practice arms

2023-09-18 14:15:54

The arm is one of the most easily overlooked parts of the human body, however, a strong and powerful arm can not only enhance physical attractiveness, but also enhance the functionality of the body. To develop strong and powerful arms, we need to undergo a series of motion training. The following will introduce some necessary exercises to help you develop strong arms.


Firstly, push ups are one of the classic exercises for practicing arm strength. (barbell bar commercial gym price china) Push ups can exercise chest, triceps, and shoulder muscles. At the beginning, we can choose to perform standard push ups, where our hands are shoulder width apart, our body is in a straight line, and then we slowly descend to the chest close to the ground before forcefully pushing our body up. If you are just starting to practice, you can choose knee down push ups to reduce the body's load. As time goes by, the number and difficulty of push ups gradually increase. You can try variant movements such as single arm push ups or inverted push ups.

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Secondly, pulling up is another important exercise for arm strength. Pulling up mainly exercises the back and biceps. At the beginning, we can choose to use the hanging bar to pull up, with both hands shoulder width apart, and then forcefully pull up the body until the chin exceeds the horizontal bar. If you are unable to complete the standard pull-up, you can choose to use auxiliary equipment or gradually increase the training frequency to gradually improve your strength and skills.


In addition to the two classic movements mentioned above, there are also some other movements that can help us practice arm strength. For example, dumbbell curling can exercise the biceps. We can choose to use dumbbells that are suitable for our own strength, hold the dumbbells with both hands, and then bend the arms to lift the dumbbells from the front of our thighs to the shoulders. In addition, arm flexion and extension is also an effective arm training movement, which can exercise the biceps and triceps muscles. We can use barbells or dumbbells for arm flexion and extension, straighten the arm, then bend the arm, and lift the barbell or dumbbell from the chest to the top of the head.


When conducting arm training, we need to pay attention to some details. Firstly, maintain correct posture and motor skills to avoid injury. Secondly, choose the appropriate training weight and frequency to gradually increase the difficulty. Finally, it is necessary to arrange training and rest time reasonably to give the arm sufficient recovery time.


Practicing arms can not only enhance physical attractiveness, but also enhance the functionality of the body. Through exercises such as push ups, pull ups, dumbbell bends, and arm flexions, we can exercise arm muscle groups such as chest, back, biceps, and triceps, making our arms strong and powerful. Remember, consistent training and a reasonable diet are the key to building strong arms. I believe that as long as you put in effort, you can have the ideal arm lines.