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The scientific method for children to grow taller

2022-12-15 15:22:31

The child's height has always been the most concern of parents. If the parents are not tall enough, they will be very worried that their child is short, and will try their best to create acquired conditions to make up for the congenital deficiency. So from infancy, mothers are committed to increasing the height of their babies.(China exercise bike factory) In addition to giving the baby adequate nutrition, some factors are easy to ignore when helping the baby grow taller. Mothers must pay more attention to avoid futile efforts.


So what methods are scientific and effective to help children grow taller?


First of all, it is recommended that children insist on exercising for no less than 1 hour a day. (Battle Rope Nylon Coated wholesales)Regular exercise can not only strengthen your physique, but also help you grow taller!


In infants and young children, you can let your child do some simple gymnastics. (gym rubber floor mat  anti-fatigue floor mat)At school age, you can let him do some upward jumping exercises, such as jumping rubber bands, skipping rope, kicking the shuttlecock and touching heights. In adolescence, you can try bouncing sports such as high jumps, pull-ups and whole-body sports, such as basketball, volleyball, and running.


In addition, it is best not to let the child lift weights, barbells, shot puts, discus and other weight-bearing training before the age of 18.


In addition, nutrition should keep up. When children are 10-13 years old, they need about 70 grams of protein per day; when children are 13-18 years old, they need about 80 grams of protein. However, the best way to supplement protein for children is to know a glass of milk every day, which is one of the secrets of increasing height.