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Do you run every other day or every day?

2022-12-14 16:10:42

If you are a novice runner, the jogging time can start from 20 to 30 minutes and progress step by step.


If you are a weight loss runner and want to achieve significant weight loss results, (motorless curved treadmill supplier china)it is best to exercise for more than 30 minutes each time. If you cannot jog continuously, crossing fast walking and jogging is also OK.



If you are a half-marathon runner, (curved treadmill running machine price)it is recommended that each training time be 40-90 minutes.


When we run, we just need to pay attention to how long we stimulate the body at this speed.


Maybe you don't know that when you run aerobically, (curved treadmill Assault air runner)the body doesn't know how fast you run or how far you run, it only knows how long you run.


Therefore, for runners, especially those who want to lose weight, they only need to pay attention to how long they have run when running, and there is no need to run too fast or blindly pursue distance.