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Can I exercise when I have a cold?

2022-12-21 15:14:16

Some people think that a cold is a mild illness, so they can continue to exercise. However, this is not true. During the cold period, you must pay attention to your health and avoid strenuous exercise, especially for families with children.


Although the cold itself is not much of a threat,(step bench workout for beginners) strenuous exercise during the cold can make the condition worse and increase the incidence. When a patient suffers from a cold, the immune system in the body is suppressed to a certain extent, and it is easy to suffer from other diseases, especially respiratory tract infections. Due to the stimulation of antigens, the decline of immune function and blood circulation will aggravate the development of the disease, which will affect the daily life.


Therefore, when a patient has a cold,(squat rack with pull up bar China)strenuous exercise should be avoided, and some low-intensity exercise can be chosen, such as walking, mountain climbing, jogging, etc., in order to maintain physical activity, but be careful not to fatigue the body to avoid greater harm.


In addition, for children,(curved treadmill Assault air runner) diseases such as colds are very easy to recur. Parents must remind children that they must avoid overwork during the cold period, especially pay attention to reducing exercise to avoid overwork.


In short, if you catch a cold, you should avoid taking part in strenuous exercise. You can choose some lighter exercises, but you must pay attention not to fatigue your body, so as not to aggravate the condition. The most important thing is to seek medical treatment in time to restore health as soon as possible.