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How long does it take to start eating after exercise

2023-07-04 16:09:20

Generally, you can eat about half an hour after exercise. At this time, try to eat some staple foods that supplement glycogen, carbohydrates, or protein. You can choose both options. Not only can you quickly restore your body's state, but you can also supplement protein to repair muscles and improve muscle quality. It is more convenient to choose protein powder for supplementation. You can also rest assured that protein powder does not have hormones, so pay attention to your intake.


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Generally speaking, after eating, the body needs to allocate some time to organize digestion, and it is not advisable to exercise immediately. It should start at least half an hour later. After exercising, the body craves to replenish energy within 20 minutes, which is also the best time to absorb energy. If you are an athlete, eating within 20 minutes after exercising will cause excessive recovery; But if you want to lose fat, be sure to eat 30 minutes after the workout ends.

Eat immediately after exercising, and the calorie intake is no different from usual and will not suddenly increase. (barbell bar commercial gym price china) Some people just want to reward themselves greatly after exercising, and can't help but eat many high fat foods, which leads to excessive calorie intake and weight gain. In fact, eating an appropriate amount of food after exercise makes it easier to crave snacks and is beneficial for muscle repair.

If you don't lose weight after exercising, it's likely because you've added muscle, which is heavier than fat. Although the weight has not decreased, the body lines will be tighter and more muscular, and the body shape will be better than before

Avoid eating high fat foods because it is not helpful for immediate muscle repair, which can slow down digestion speed and delay the arrival of nutrients to the necessary parts of the body for muscle repair and glycogen supplementation. And once fat enters the body, it can easily be converted into fat cream. I used to exercise to trim my lines and lose weight, but if I accidentally eat high-fat food, my previous efforts will be ruined and I will endure it