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What are the risks of running without stretching

2023-07-03 13:56:46

More and more people are starting to run, but many runners, in order to save time, (curved treadmill running machine price china)start running without warming up, or simply stretch or not stretch after running.


Although post run stretching and pre run stretching movements are different, they are essentially aimed at running better, which includes faster pace, longer distance, longer duration, and the sustainability of running.



The effect of warm-up before running can be clearly felt by runners every time they run. (China exercise bike factory) The effect of stretching after running is not as obvious as warm-up before running, but it is precisely this seemingly inconspicuous stretching training that limits the improvement of runners' running skills if they do not stretch seriously.


Not stretching after running can cause muscle tension, congestion not relieved, recovery ability weakened, and soreness the next day. If not stretching for a long time, it can cause leg muscles to stiffen, calves to thicken, and the body to become heavier. During running, the flexibility of muscles, fascia, and joints is poor, which may cause knee and ankle joint injuries, muscle and fascia strains, and other conditions.


Stretching after running is a necessary step.

1. Stretching after running can help accelerate the elimination of lactic acid generated during exercise and reduce body soreness.

2. Stretching after running can help tense muscles relax and stretch, restoring muscle and fascia elasticity, ductility, and joint flexibility.

3. Stretching after running can help the body recover flexibility, flexibility, and improve stiffness.

4. Stretching after running can make muscles tighter and body lines smoother.