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What are the side effects of exercising too much?

2023-02-22 16:56:06

Exercise is a common health behavior. It can enhance physical fitness, reduce the risk of disease, maintain a healthy weight, and improve immunity. But what are the side effects if you exercise too much?

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First, overexercising can damage your joints and muscles, especially when you're exercising under stress. During exercise, your muscles and bones are stretched by the amount of activity, causing discomfort and trauma. Additionally, a muscle strain can affect blood circulation and it may take weeks, if not months, to return to normal.


Secondly, excessive exercise may also lead to malnutrition or may lead to undernutrition, (plyo soft box  3 in 1 price china)as this will deplete the body's nutrient reserves, resulting in insufficient nutrient intake to meet the needs of exercise. In addition, excessive exercise may also cause a lack of water in the body, because excessive exercise will dehydrate the body, hormone levels may be affected, resulting in weight changes, increased blood pressure, and increased heart rate, which is not good for health.


Furthermore, excessive exercise may also cause psychological problems, because excessive exercise can fill the body with stress, which can lead to mood swings, increased loneliness, anxiety and fear may also follow. At the same time, excessive exercise may lead to insomnia and emotional instability, because the body will not get enough rest, so the rest time should become more.


To sum up, excessive exercise has the following side effects: muscle and joint damage, malnutrition, dehydration, psychological problems, insomnia, etc. Therefore, when exercising, pay attention to controlling the intensity, maintaining proper rest, and eating enough nutrients to ensure that these side effects are reduced.