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What causes muscle soreness after exercise

2023-02-02 16:23:44

Post-exercise muscle soreness, also known as "muscle soreness syndrome," refers to muscle soreness that has occurred in recent weeks due to more intense physical activity, exercise,(Cast iron kettlebell Powder coated  china factory) or other physical activity. Muscle soreness after exercise is normal and nothing to worry about, it usually subsides naturally within 24 hours of pain interpretation, but be aware that if the pain persists, it is best to get checked out in case something more serious arises.



The reason is that the root cause of muscle soreness after exercise is due to muscle and ligament damage, which eventually leads to swelling and solidification, resulting in pain. (Yoga mat Eco friendly wholesales china)When engaging in athletic activity, muscle cells are stimulated, creating tiny strains that are the real cause of muscle soreness. When a lot of activity occurs, these injuries can build up, eventually leading to muscle soreness.


In addition, there are some factors that may exacerbate muscle soreness, such as lack of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which will cause the muscles to lack energy and cannot move normally, thus exacerbating muscle soreness. In addition, the way of exercise, the amount of exercise, and the recovery time of the body are also factors that affect the occurrence of muscle soreness. Excessive exercise or lack of recovery will also lead to muscle soreness.


In short, the reason for muscle soreness after exercise is due to muscle damage, followed by factors such as lack of nutrition, exercise method and amount, and body recovery time. Moreover, muscle soreness after exercise is also normal. As long as you pay attention to rest and nutritional intake during the recovery period, you can reduce symptoms and promote muscle recovery, thereby improving physical fitness.