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What basic equipment can be used for strength training at home?

2022-12-28 16:46:50

1. Indoor Horizontal Bar
This equipment can be clipped to some places such as the door frame, (barbell bar price in china)a very convenient horizontal bar. Variations of pull-ups or pull-ups can be done, as well as hanging leg raises.



2. Indoor parallel bars
This equipment can do, such as parallel bars, curved arms and other variations, Australian pull-ups.


3. Weight belt
This equipment can be loaded when doing pull-ups and variations, (Weighted vest Adjustable weight supplier china)or dips and variations.


There is also a yoga mat, which is a nice tool. In training, it is recommended to do more compound movements. Pull-ups and variations can train latissimus dorsi, rear deltoids and other pulling muscles. Push-ups, parallel bars and stretched arms can train thrust muscles such as the chest muscles and the front deltoid muscles.


If you have a load, you must have a barbell plate. You can use the barbell plate to do lateral raises. Lateral lifts have a large proportion of the deltoid muscle. The front and rear sides of the deltoid muscle can also be used in thrust and pull training. practiced. These training equipment is my recommendation.