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What sport do you all like?

2023-01-29 16:01:15

Sports is a topic that everyone is interested in in life. There are many types of sports, the common ones are running, climbing(Climbing rope Economic and efficient wholesales china), playing ball, and so on. What are your favorite daily sports?


1 badminton
Badminton is a sport with a lot of exercise. No matter it is aerobic or anaerobic exercise, it will consume a lot of calories every game. It is undoubtedly a good fat-reducing exercise. However, fat loss is a systematic project that needs to be combined with diet and rest. The same is true for other fat loss exercises, such as the hottest running.



To decrease the body fat rate, it must be maintained: the total calories consumed by the body and exercise > the calories eaten If you just finished playing badminton for two hours and then ate a late-night snack with a lot of carbohydrates, you can only gain weight . If you want to increase the efficiency of fat loss, but you don't want to have skin wrinkles on the part where you lost weight, and you don't want to lose weight and rebound, then you need a systematic approach. Badminton is a comprehensive sport that requires fast running, vigorous swinging, frequent activation of both feet, full concentration, breathing adjustment, brain use, and tenacious will.


2 swimming
Exercise your breathing muscles. Since swimming is a sport performed in water - such a special environment, it has a completely different effect compared with sports on land. First of all, when a person swims in the water, he has to bear a certain amount of pressure. When he exhales, he must exert himself due to the resistance caused by the high density of the water. Therefore, the respiratory muscles can be effectively exercised. A very obvious advantage of good respiratory muscles is that you can stay up late, study continuously, struggle continuously, and work continuously! The level of staying up late is also related to other factors, and respiratory muscles are an important part of it.


Build cardiovascular skills. However, due to the increase of resistance when people exercise in water, the workload of the muscles of the whole body increases, which also increases the workload of the heart, so as to get exercise and strengthen the cardiovascular function. The benefits of cardiovascular strength are as follows: staying up late, strong concentration, more yang energy, more temperament, etc.


3 running
There are so many benefits.(curved treadmill running machine price china) Visible: health, youth, vitality, keeping fit, alcohol consumption has increased, and body immunity has improved, and rarely gets sick.