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Exercise can produce dopamine

2022-12-29 15:13:12

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter. The cells that release dopamine in the brain are called dopamine neurons, which are mainly concentrated in the "basal ganglia" of the brain. There are mainly two regions that produce dopamine: the "substantia nigra pars compacta" (abbreviated as substantia nigra or SN) and the "ventral tegmental area" (VTA).

People can also move when they adjust their diet. (Custom logo Battle rope supplier china)In the double-blind crossover clinical study in 2013, [8] 29 subjects conducted two dietary interventions for three weeks, one for simulating a western diet with a large amount of saturated fat, and the other for three weeks, similar to the Mediterranean diet, in which olive oil was used to replace saturated fat. Then interesting results emerged. In the diet of high oleic acid olive oil, 93% of the subjects' physical activity (smart belt monitoring) increased, with an average increase of 12-15%. The resting energy expenditure increased by 3.0-4.5% in the three weeks of olive oil diet. This clinical study did not directly measure the changes in dopamine, but did not affect the conclusion that changes in dietary structure can be activated.


Can obesity also lead to dopamine dysfunction and reduce exercise?(plyo box Wooden Plyometric wholesales china) The team at the National Institutes of Health believes it is indeed the same. [9] Because similar phenomena have been confirmed in rats, domestic animals and primates, proving that this is a highly conserved physiological reaction in evolution. During evolution, there is no need to move with excess calories. Reducing the D2 receptor in the striatum can reduce the "motivation" of autonomous movement, and help to maintain energy loss. In fact, in the process of evolution, animals rarely have excess calories. When we eat too much and lead to obesity, our dopamine D2 receptor in the striatum will also be reduced as animals do, and the dopamine signal will be weakened, leading to our reduced motivation to exercise.


Regular exercise can indeed increase dopamine activity.(bumper plate hi temp supplier china) It has been proved in animals and people that it can increase dopamine D2 receptors in the striatum, and increase dopamine activity in the brain that controls exercise. But in fact, we have a lot of endogenous dopamine. One of the main reasons why some people do not like to move is related to diet. They eat too much, grow too fat, and in rats Domestic animals and primates are found to reduce D2 receptors in the striatum and dopamine activity controlled by movement, resulting in reduced exercise volume. Therefore, if we feel that we have more than enough energy to exercise, we should start from controlling our diet, reducing too many calories, and not eating too much refined carbon water and fatty food. This may increase our dopamine activity for exercise control and motivation, so that we can move more easily.