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What are the positive effects of exercise on the physical health of adolescents?

2022-12-30 15:32:52

Studies have found that people who are physically active have a lower risk of developing depression.(barbell bar commercial gym price china) This is because the number and time of children and adolescents participating in physical activities are positively correlated with positive emotions. The more physical activities, the higher the positive emotions. These all prove that exercise is a good medicine. At present, exercise has been regarded as an effective method and means of treating depression by many medical institutions.


It should be emphasized that exercise must pay attention to the relationship between quantity and effect.(dumbbell rack manufacturer china) It is not that the more times you exercise and the greater the intensity, the better. It must be adapted to each person's own exercise ability and training level, including psychological acceptance.


In fact, higher levels of activity can offset the unhealthy risks of poor sleep. Sleep is not the longer the better, but the quality of sleep. The greater the amount of exercise, the better, and the greater the intensity, the better.(Cast iron kettlebell 16kg suppliers china) Appropriate exercise intensity can effectively shorten the sleep time. For example, a person usually needs 8 hours to ensure adequate sleep, but after a certain amount of exercise and intensity of exercise, 7 hours of sleep may achieve the effect of 8 hours of sleep. Similarly, high-quality sleep can effectively improve people's exercise levels, including brain activity levels.


The evidence that exercise improves mental health also lies in the fact that exercise plays an important regulatory role in improving mood, intellectual development, and character building. It can promote the brain to work better through nerve activation, accelerate cerebral blood flow, produce neurotrophic factors, etc., and make the body's exercise capacity stronger. At the same time, exercise can enhance the function of the intestinal tract, including improving the intestinal flora, speeding up metabolism, increasing the activity of related enzymes, and making the body healthier.


In fact, exercise is not only good for the body, exercise can also improve the human brain. Long-term exercise can improve concentration and have a positive protective effect on the brain. The prerequisite for exercise to shape the brain is to have the appropriate amount and intensity of exercise, which is very important.