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What to pay attention to when exercising after recovering from the new crown

2023-02-20 15:31:49

When COVID-19 is over, will we be able to exercise again? After the COVID-19 epidemic is over, (China Wrist Sandbag 1 Pound supplier)some changes will be required in the sports meeting. When exercising, you should pay attention to the following points:



1. It is recommended to adopt the safest outdoor sports, such as walking, cycling, jogging, etc., and avoid crowded indoor activities.

2. Don't exercise excessively. (slam ball Black rubber 5-50kg on sale china)Everyone has been sitting at home for a long time, so the amount of exercise should be gradually increased, and don't rush to get hot.

3. It is recommended to turn on the air conditioner in the exercise room to remove bacteria and viruses in the air and reduce the chance of infection.

4. Do a physical examination before exercising, and seek medical treatment in time if you have any symptoms of discomfort.

5. People with a history of virus infection should pay special attention. Those who have not fully recovered should carefully consider the intensity of exercise and do not exercise excessively.

6. When participating in indoor and outdoor sports, keep a safe distance. If there is a collision, you must cover your mouth and nose with a clean hand cloth and leave the scene as soon as possible.

7. Maintain good hygienic habits when exercising, especially in public places, such as indoor gyms, gymnasiums, etc., you need to pay special attention to cleanliness and hygiene.

8. Prepare equipment such as protective masks and protective glasses to prevent the possible spread of the new crown pneumonia virus.


After the new crown pneumonia epidemic is over, everyone can continue to exercise, but pay attention to the above points when exercising. Only when everyone pays more attention can we prevent the spread of the new crown pneumonia virus in time, protect everyone's health, and survive the pandemic safely and smoothly.