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Is it true that stretching will make your posture worse?

2023-02-18 16:11:25

Stretching is a common physical activity that helps improve muscle elasticity and flexibility,(foam roller manufacturer china) as well as improve physical mobility. However, it is sometimes said: Stretching too much will make the overall condition of the body worse, so why is it so?



In fact, when we stretch, what we are doing is relaxing our muscles, (yoga ball muscle relaxation process)releasing the stiff and restricted muscle fiber bundles that have accumulated in the muscles. However, if you overstretch, you will lose a certain amount of strength and your muscles may become slack, because overstretching will cause muscle fibers to break, making the muscles loose, and the muscles are in a softened state for a long time Afterwards, muscle cramps may occur, which can affect the function of the muscles, affect your normal movement, and make you more vulnerable.


Also, if we stretch incorrectly then it can also take its toll on the general condition of our body.


First of all, do not stretch beyond the range you can bear, and the strength, (Ab mat Smooth lumbar spine wholesales china)method and time of stretching should be appropriate. Don't have a quick pull that will break, but slow and long-lasting, and slowly adjust to the angle you want. Secondly, when stretching, it is necessary to avoid the phenomenon of "jumping". This phenomenon is to apply too much force to the stretched muscles, which may cause muscle damage. Therefore, it must be carefully controlled when stretching.


In short, stretching can effectively improve the muscle state of the human body, but care should be taken to avoid excessive stretching, otherwise it will cause the overall condition of the body to deteriorate. So the statement about "the more you stretch, the worse your posture" is true.