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How to start exercising?

2022-12-13 16:18:04

First of all, first figure out the needs and your own situation!

From a practical point of view, there are two kinds of exercise, I call them: "snack exercise" and "specialized exercise"


The so-called short rest exercise means to help you get rid of fatigue, restore energy, and maintain a healthy physical state~ For example, if you are tired from reading,(squat rack folding squat rack wall mounted) stretch your waist, go for a trot, and wait for your body to recover and your mind to clear up. Then come back to read a book, this is a short rest exercise, it does not require you to push the iron, the operation is easy and short, fast and effective, and will soon make you look good.


And specialized sports are what the general public understands, (medicine ballleather manufacturer china)such as ironing, fitness, running, etc. It can fundamentally change and improve our physical fitness, and you need to devote a whole block of time to it.


If your goal is only to restore your body quickly, then you don't need special training, and short breaks between work are enough. However, if you want to have a fit body, abundant physical strength, and fundamentally improve your physical fitness as mentioned at the beginning, then you need to carry out specialized fitness training! 


Of course, if you have the conditions, I recommend doing both of these methods. One can help you recover quickly at work, and the other can fundamentally improve your physical fitness~