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What is the difference between morning and evening exercise?

2022-12-12 16:55:47

Most teenagers spend half of their day studying, so for most people, the choice of exercise time depends on when they are free, for example, in the morning when they first wake up, or in the evening after studying.

Some teenagers believe that the body's metabolism is the strongest in the morning, (Jump rope skipping rope supplier)and the effect of fat loss is better. Moderate exercise can also refresh your mind and let you spend the day in a full state of mind. Some teenagers believe that exercising in the morning is not only prone to hypoglycemia, but also easily induces cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, so exercising in the evening and evening is more conducive to muscle growth.

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Cell Metabolism, an authoritative journal in the field of international metabolism, once published an article in which researchers used mouse models to find that exercise at different times of the day had different effects on local and systemic metabolism. The researchers divided mice into two experimental groups and let them exercise on a treadmill for 1 hour in the morning or evening. (slam ball slam ball supplier china)In addition, a non-exercising control group was also set up.


After the exercise, tissues from various parts of the mice were collected, such as serum, skeletal muscle, liver, inguinal subcutaneous white adipose tissue, etc., and the metabolites and gene expression status of these tissues were analyzed by omics. Studies have found that exercise in the morning and evening has different effects on metabolism: in the morning, energy is mainly supplied through the pathway of glucose metabolism, while liver glycogen reserves are relatively rich, and it is not easy to experience large fluctuations in blood sugar. It may be more suitable for people with glucose metabolism disorders to exercise, such as Diabetic and hypoglycemic patients; exercise in the evening more mobilizes fat breakdown, and may be more suitable for fat-reducing people. However, when exercising in the evening, protein decomposition is also more intense, and attention needs to be paid to supplement protein nutrients in time.