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Why does the body sweat when exercising

2023-02-07 14:39:51

Sweating is a way for the body to regulate body temperature. (China dumbbell factory)Sweating has only one purpose—to dissipate heat. When the human body is in a quiet state, it begins to sweat when the ambient temperature reaches about 30 degrees Celsius. If the air humidity is high, a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius can cause sweating.


During exercise, due to the large amount of heat produced by the body and the temperature rise, the amount of sweating in order to dissipate heat often increases sharply. But why do some people seem to be fished out of the water, while others don't sweat much? The answer is likely to be the number of sweat glands. You are born with four million sweat glands. Women have more sweat glands than men, but men have more active glands. How much you sweat depends on your gender and how many sweat glands you have.

How much a person sweats also depends on how much sweat glands are activated and how much sweat each gland produces. It turns out that healthy men sweat significantly more than healthy women. (plyo box 24 inch on sale China) In this case, the amount of sweat glands activated may be the same, but women produce less sweat per sweat gland.


Conversely, if you don't sweat, it's dangerous. Why do people drink hot water when they have a fever? It is to allow the body to quickly absorb water and sweat, thereby lowering the body temperature. If there is no sweat, it will damage the brain cells, and physical cooling is necessary.


For sports like running, the ideal state is of course to sweat all over the body, so that the heat dissipation area is large and the heat dissipation is fast. If the sweat glands on the body are underdeveloped, then there will be more sweat on the head/face.