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Where should fitness beginners start?

2023-01-13 16:54:28

Many people who are new to sports and fitness think that only "aerobic exercise" such as running (best commercial curved treadmill manufacturer china ) and cycling is the best way to lose weight. Barbells, dumbbells, and strength equipment are not considered. They think that these have nothing to do with weight loss. Only by running for half an hour can they really burn fat.


In fact, it is very unreliable and meaningless to evaluate whether an exercise has weight loss effect from the ratio of exercise time and fat consumption!


You know, the fat in our body is consumed all the time. Even if you sleep on your back, play games while sitting, or watch American dramas on your stomach, more than half of the calories you consume come from fat for energy. But can you say that the weight loss effect of watching American TV series is better than that of running 20 100-meter sprints powered by glycogen? Obviously not.


If running and cycling (China exercise bike factory) aren't the best weight-loss exercises for sedentary people, what's the best introductory body-building exercise for beginners?


Strength training group: 10 minutes warm up + 35 minutes strength + 10 minutes stretching, heart rate about 120 beats per minute.

Aerobic training group: 10 minutes warm-up + 35 minutes aerobic + 10 minutes stretching, heart rate about 130 beats per minute.


On the whole, strength training should be the most suitable exercise method for sedentary people to lose weight, reduce fat and improve metabolism.